Keeping your car running smooth.


From the supply of all parts to full engine rebuild to a high standard. All types of engine rebuilds catered for whether it is standard, fast road or full race spec. We can machine blocks ready for rebuild. Cylinder heads ported, flowed, unleaded, skimmed, big valve conversions ready to fit.

All engines rebuilt whether on SU carbs, Webber DCOE , standard Lucas injection or electronic fuel injection. All improvements are designed to improve the engine all round, throttle response, torque, power and ecomony. On a TR2-4A engine anything from standard to 200+ BHP. On the TR5,250,TR6 engines from standard to 240 BHP.

In addition we offer a bench test facility and rolling road tune ups to set up engines and cars. All parts generally in stock ready for shipping.


All parts supplied new or good second hand or full rebuild service.

All rebuilds tolerance and oil leak free (gearboxes and overdrives). Gearboxes can also be uprated to cope with race/rally applications, fast road application and to improve reliability.

Core supply sold and exchange gearboxes welcome. All gearboxes rebuilt using the original Churchill tools.


All parts supplied new or good second hand or full rebuild service.

Differentials rebuilt whether for standard road use or race/rally/fast road applications. All diffs are rebuilt using the original Churchill tools. LSD units, Salisbury plated type and Quaife ATB, available to improve road handling.

Triumph Engine Restoration

Mat has rebuilt our TR5 and continues to carry out any work we require.  His quality of work, attention to detail and superior Triumph knowledge makes S&M our supplier of choice. The service provided by S&M is outstanding.  5 Stars

Other Services


All parts supplied new or good second hand or full rebuild service. Suspensions rebuilt to suit all applications, race/rally, fast road or standard.

Suspensions are generally rebuilt to improve handling and ride on the TR. Adjustable top wishbones available and roller bearings rear trailing arm conversion. Poly bushes or standard all available.


We have a full car O Liner Jig facilities to enable us to offer can offer chassis repairs, straightened and strengthened to suit all applications.

Body shells fully repaired, straightened, and paint work undertaken.


All parts supplied new or full rebuild service. Improvements include fitting billet hubs with bigger bearings and stub axles to take the extra load and force the TR is put under to keep up with modern traffic.

Uprated brakes to suit (vented discs and 4 pot calipurs) also uprated propshaft and driveshaft with billet rear hubs with modern bearings fitted to cope with extra horse power and torque and wider wheels. More importantly reliability is improved and they should last longer


All wiring looms available or bespoke looms made to suit with modern fuses and relays to suit all applications. So if you want to fit an extra cooling fan, driving lights, rear fog light, electronic power steering, uprated three speed heater, front heated screen, battery master kill switch it is all possible.